Self care for teachers. Practical tip

Автор: Барабанова Маргарита Александровна

Организация: Самарский медико-технический лицей

Населенный пункт: г. Самара

Good afternoon, Santa! Hello! How are you?

I’m writing a letter to check how you do?

I’ve been really good by the end of this season

And for this, there’s a very good reason:

I work as a teacher, yeah, that’s what I do.

I wake up at 5 and finish after 2.

I have a hundred children or something like that

They look up to me and that’s what they said:

“Holiday is near, people scream and shout,

do you hear?

Let’s write a letter to Santa, he is a kind old fellow.

I want a teddy bear and my favourite colour is yellow!”

You bring people hope and you bring people joy.

You bring my kids sweets and their favourite toy.

I’m too old for toys, but I think it is fair

That you give some attention to people who care.

This season of magic and season of hope

I want you to bring some peace to this globe.

As every teacher along with his child

Deserves to be happy and see the sunlight.

I want some respect and some trust from my school

They need to see person in me, not a tool.

I, too, want some time for my dreams to come true

As teachers who are tired can’t do what they do.

I want to be able to travel a lot

To see other countries and places I forgot.

I do try my hardest and day after day

I come to my classroom and silently pray

That soon times will come when a teacher like me

Will always be treated like a part of family.

To sum up my wishes, I want to believe

That you’re real, Santa, and can help me achieve

Whatever I want and whatever I need

To make 2024 the best year indeed!

Опубликовано: 09.02.2024