The best time of the year for dreams to come true

Автор: Симонова Анастасия Сергеевна

Организация: МАОУ СОШ 34

Населенный пункт: Челябинская область, г. Златоуст

…Hello, dear Santa! It seems to me I haven’t written to you for a long time. How are you doing? How is your workshop? Are your elves working hard? Are your deer ready for a quick ride around the world? My best regards to Rudolpf, he is my favourite, you know. I really hope everything is OK.

Do you remember me as a little child? A shy girl in a white dress near the Christmas tree reading poems about winter. Still, I was the best reader in the kindergarten and at school. I remember really well the smell of tangerines, the taste of sweets like «Bear in the North», red stars on the top of the Kremlin towers shown on TV, and, of course, the feeling of happy anticipation that in a couple of hours you’ll receive the best Christmas present ever. The most miraculous thing was that my hopes came true every year, and it seemed to me that childhood is long enough for all my dreams to be fulfilled.

I’ve changed a lot, and I don’t mean some weight I gained. First of all, I’m writing to you in English, as you’ve noticed! Yes, I’ve become a teacher of English! Probably, I was inspired by my visit to London and Stratford-upon-Avon when I was in my teens. Or, maybe, «David Copperfield» and «The Canterville Ghost» made me learn the language. Anyway, nowadays I play the role of a Wicked Witch who tries to put some knowledge in the heads of naughty but curious kids that surround me, and I truly believe that sometimes I succeed.

I’m a mother and a wife now, and my children, in their turn, are sure that childhood is long enough for all their dreams to be fulfilled. Life is cyclical, though their wishes are quite different from my early wishes. I’m in my forties but still hope that the most unexpected things may happen in the world of adults.

So what am I dreaming about? I am dreaming about life without wars, about happy families where fathers, brothers and sons are close to their relatives, not weapons and tanks. About children sitting at the Christmas table, not in the basements hiding from bombs. About grandparents waiting for the news about their new-born grandchildren, not the news about killed soldiers. About the world of peace, the world of total love. The world where we are all brothers and sisters irrespective of our races and nationalities, the world where everyone is welcomed and supported in any country and in every house. This is my small wish for Christmas.

Well, Santa, that’s all for now. I guess you are too busy at the moment. Take care about yourself and be healthy!



P.S. I’m a bit of a liar. That is not all I want. Would you be so kind to present me a book of winter fairy-tales with your personal autogragh, please?

Опубликовано: 06.02.2024