Разработка урока на тему: ''Великобритания и США''

Автор: Яманко Сабина Викторовна

Организация: МОУ ''Школа №3 города Донецка''

Населенный пункт: Донецкая область, г. Донецк

План урока

Тема урока: «Великобритания и США»

Подтема: «Разница между англоязычными странами»

Цель: 1. Актуализировать опорные знания по теме «Британия»;

2. Развивать речевые способности учащихся, опираясь на базовый текст темы;

3. Закрепить усвоения базового текста на основе проверочного диктанта;

4. Ввести и закрепить в устной речи учащихся новый лексический материал;

5. Познакомить учащихся с новым текстом теме «Великобритания и США»;

6. Воспитывать у учащихся интерес к стране изучаемого языка.

Оборудование: 1. Учебник «Friends 2» by Carol Skinner;

2. Текст "Great Britain" (things to know). (Адаптированный учителем)

3. Лексический материал темы на доске.



1.Орг. момент:

-Good morning children. How are you today?

-we are fine, thank you. And how are you today teacher?

-I’m fine too. Thank you. Sit down, please. Let’s start our lesson. Tell me, please. What day is it today?

-it’s Wednesday.

-What date is it today?

-Today is the thirteenth of December.

-What month is it now?

-It is December.

-What season is it now?

-It’s winter

-What is the weather like in winter?

-It’s usually cold, snowy, frosty, stormy and icy.

-Do you like today’s weather?

-Yes, I do. No, I don’t.


Актуализация опорных знаний по базовому тексту “Great Britain and The USA” (Home task)

-Now children, let’s repeat our home task. Your home task for today was to work with the text “The Great Britain and The USA”. Don’t open your Student’s books. Please answer my questions:

1. What was the name of the first group of people? (British people)

-The first group of British people now called the Pilgrims.

2. When did the Pilgrims go to America?

-They went to America four hundred years ago.

3. Who lived in America berore that time?

-Only Native Americans lived there before that time.

4. From what town did the Pilgrims leave England?

-They left England from a town called Plymouth.

5. Did the Pilgrims take their language to America?

-Yes, they did.

6. Do the Ameicans and the British speak the same language?

-Yes, they speak the same language but with some differences.

7. What differences are there in two languages?

-The accent is different in these two types of English and often the spelling and the meaning of the words are different too.

8. What do the British people love in American style of life?

-They love American pop music, films, jeans and fast food.


Thank you. Now your task is to make a plan of this text. Please, open your books. Alex, go to the blackboard and write down the first paragraph of the plan.


-You have two minutes to prepare your topic, using this plan.

-And now look at the blackboard. You see the table with three columns. Your task is to translate into English and to gill is the table.

Слово British English American English


1 конфеты sweets candies

2 брюки trousers pants

3 чипсы chips French fries

4 рыжие волосы ginger hair red hair

5 свитер jumper sweater

6 плащ mackintosh raincoat

7 кросовки trainers sneakers

8 фильм film movie

9 свидание meeting date

10 парашутист parachutist parachute



-And now let’s write down a little dictation about this text. Open your copy-books and write down today’s date, class-work and Dictation.

So the Americans and the Britoish speak the same language- but with some differences.

They also gave British names to their towns, so now there are a lot of towns in the USA and Great Britain with the same names.

There are many other similarities and differences between the people of the USA and Great Britain.

The Americans like wearing British woolen jumpers and macs-but they call them sweaters and raincoats.

Give me your copy-books, please.



Задания к тексту

  1. Учитель читає текст два рази;
  2. Учні по черзі читають текст;
  3. Учні читають та перекладають текст;
  4. Учитель задає питання по тексту, а учні знаходять на них відповіді у тексті.


Вопросы к тексту

  1. What is the total area of Scotland?
  2. What is the population of England?
  3. What is the capital of Northern Ireland?
  4. What holidays are is Wales?


Подведение итогов

Домашнее задание:

Читать, переводить текст, составленный учителем.

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