The benefits and drawbacks of native vs non-native speakers of English

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Biological or adopted children? Pedigreed or mongrel pets? Native or non-native speakers of English? Who has benefits or drawbacks? The nine dots puzzle by Norman Maier proposes an intellectual answer: to think outside the two-dimensional system.

Are you a native speaker? Know yourself in a simulator of the traffic light.

Green: King. Your English is a paragon without flaw. You wear it like a Crown. With Dignity. Gracefully. Courageously.

Orange: Chef. Words are your ingredients. Your speech is both delicious cocktail and acid condiment of mistakes, rude rows of letters or slang. Stay sharp, otherwise, a non-native speaker of English can beat you in culinary delights. Why do World Cup Football Winners seldom reach the quarterfinals?    Unlike the other teams, they play infrequently before the next tournament because of the automatic qualification. Conclusion: lack of training makes you weak and incautious.

Red: Sloven. Your language is a messy room. Obscene and chaotic movement of words. Look at The Treachery of Images by René Magritte. This is a pipe - This is not a pipe. Your English is Not English. It is 3-DisEnglish (dislikable, disappointing and disastrous). You possess a jewel. Wash it and enjoy, a rich owner!

Is English not your mother language?

Green: Man of indefatigable industry. It is you invested in you! You can swim fluently in the ocean of English.

Orange: Wanderer. You roam the English World. Don't be afraid to run astray. Dictionaries are your Pole Star. One day my student showed a subtitle "OMG I cOught lightning on Video!" © on TikTok. My reply: "There are cascades of wrong information on the Net. It matters little whether you watch YouTube channels, read Manga or listen to your CS:GO teammates, check English words in the prestigious dictionaries".

Red: Ignoramus. "Why to learn English?" "Foreign languages train your brain. You have an unoccupied field. Grass it!". My operational experience of English is not solid. I find some lacunae every day. Benefit or Drawback? It's a perspective. My inspired pupils and I, Wanderers, go towards the Green Light with the aim of making our beautiful embroidery of English.


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